Club roles

We require a number of roles to run the club.  A minimum of 5 people are required on the committee and if we have more then the workload is spread to a manageble amount.  Many hands make light work!

The roles required to run the club are as follows:

Role Description
  • Laison with WP Vic
  • Liason with other clubs
  • President meeting attendance
  • Raise issues/queries with WP Vic
Vice President
  • Aid the president in the above
  • Pool liason and coordination of bookings 
  • Record taking/Minuting
  • Committee meeting organisations
  • Announcements
  • Asset registry
  • Maintain the financial records and ensure club is on a solid financial standing
  • Produce the yearly report
  • Maintain the club budgets
  • Approve purchases
Head Coach
  • Ensure team coaches are supported
  • Maintain the calibre of coaching
  • Mentor coaches
  • Assistance with developing and implementing team coaching plans
  • Maintain the member list and follow up on registrations for 
    • Club Memberships
    • Training
    • Competition
Website Manager
  • Ensure website is up to date and accurate
  • Provide assistance as required
Events Organiser
  • Organise the club particpation in any events that occur
    • Note that some events (e.g. AYC)  we may be part of a composite team and managed by another party with liason between the two parties.  With AYC there is a draft process and we are trying to organise a siilar process for Vic games and carnivals
    • Geeelong Tri State
    • Canberra Cup (?)
    • AYC - Brisbane, (2024,26)  Perth (2025, 27)
    • Ballarat

The job is not to run the teams involved - each team will need a team manager.

Communicate amongst ptotential attendees

  • Website page updates
  • Whatsapp
  • Idenitfy budget estimates
  • Identify Accomodation
  • Research into possible travel alternatives
Team Managers
  • Organise for the caps and 3 balls to be at the game
    • White (Light) for Home (First) team
    • Blue (Dark) for Away (second)  team
  • Enter the palyers names on the scorebook
  • Ensure the players are signed in on the game book.  Check the front label and enter the team name etc.  The id numbers seem to be optional nowadays.
  • Make sure we have either a timekeeper or game sheet entry person.  They sign the sheet at the end.
    • Take a picture of the sheet after the game (and the refs have signed it preferably).
  • Answer any questions from the officials - if a report is filed or needs to be filed the Team Manager is responsible.  This includes one generated by an incident not seen by the Refs.  Check with the kids if it looks a bit rough.  Forms will be availabe
  • Read this document Bylaws
  • See 7.8. Signing team sheets:
    • a) A team’s captain or manager must sign the team sheet at the completion of a match
    • (b) If the team sheet isn’t signed a team is not permitted to protest.
      • (i) A protest must be lodged in writing to WPV within 48 hours of the completion of the match,
    • Sanction process pdf
  • Ensure Balls and caps are returned to the Pool for use in training
  • Send out info on the Whatsapp as required, maintain members on Whatsapp
Team Coaches
  • Run team training
    • Includes training plan development
  • Match day coaching

Ensure  kids are having fun and learning

Marketing & Comms
  • Facebook updates
  • Liaise with Website manager
  • Recruitment and publicity with schools and other organisations 
  • Whatsapp input - ensure teams are set up at start of season
  • Bring in the cash
  • Sponsorship communications
  • Organise Fundraisers (Bunnnings Sasusage sizzle etc)

Other functions (which may be included in the roles above):
- Policies
- Onboarding and welcome of new players
- Adult/social coordinator