Joining us

Membership, training and competitions


1. Membership

You must register as a member to train and/or play competition. Go to the Membership page to register and pay. 

If new to the sport then you will be covered as part of a come and try arrangement but you must contact the club before particpating in any session. 

  • Includes: WP Vic, WP Aus, NWPC Club fees, and provides the insurance required
  • Standard cost: $146.36 with WP Vic (speak to us if you are already registered with another club)
  • Membership runs from September-September (will be pro-rated for those joining after mid-year)  


2. Training - at Northcote Acquatic & Recreation Centre, MLC (Kew) and Ivanhoe Grammar

Use the Training page to see the training for your age and team

  • Adults
  • U10 Krakles
  • U12 Mixed
  • 12-18 Girls and Boys Teams


3. Competing with WaterPolo Victoria - Ages 8-18

Competition is paid via a combined fee with training

  • Seasons to be advised by Water Polo Victoria
  • Entry mid-competition will be charged depending on circumstances using a pro-rata method
  • Please Note: Missed training sessions and/or games do not receive a refund


4. Ad hoc Competitions - Ages 8-18   

There will be other competitions during the year, such as Australian Youth Championship (AYC) and Tri-State (Geelong)

  • Payment for individual events


5. Social Training - Adults

Use the Events page to register for adult training from February 2024 onwards at Ivanhoe Grammar

  • Payment to be advised based on numbers