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New to the Club

Jump to our About us page for details on the club.

Visit us for a Come and Try session or two.  These are no obligation or cost to you and enable you to try out the sport.  We will look to isolate you from the main training group for some basic instruction and then you can join the main training group if you wish.

New to Water Polo

Doubly welcome.  Everyone except our Head Coach Peter were new to Water Polo so you are not alone.  What follows are some links to useful articles that provide game details.

Wikipedia  is actually a good read.

Basic intro video, there are a few subtle changes since this was made but it gives a good intro



Team Managers

  • Each team requires a team manager - you can share the role.  Primarily an organisational role for the team.  Balls, caps, table official organising. and entering names on the team sheet and getting teams to sign the sheet    
  • You are the primary contact for officials on game day for the team.  

Table Officials

We need volunteers to do officiating on match days, at least one table official is required each game, either a timekeeper that pushes the buttons on the timing box or a  Scorer who fills out the score sheet.  Both are relatively simple, particularly at the lower grades.

WPA have a lot of videos and a well structured course - you can jump some of the videos to get the basic information required.  The issue with the WPA information is it appear to be hidden behind a Registration wall.  If you have registered with NWPC you will have received your username for this (you can use your childs) and log in using that.  The best solution is to register yourself as a non-playing official.

Principle roles to be provided at games are Timekeeping and Scoring which are not difficult.  Time keeping currently involves pushing a few buttons. 

WPA - How do I become a Table Official?

Timekeeping rules are here 

Start your training to become a Table Official TODAY! Visit The LearningPool and see how you can help with table duties such as scoring and clock management at any level.

To become a qualified Table Official you need to complete the FREE online Competition Official course, ensure your club membership is current and submit your Working with Children and Vulnerable People number HERE

The WPA Community Coach course is also very good, useful and free with follow on for those that wish to expand even further.   Document link


Confused by a lot of referee arm waving and Auslan style signals.  Have a look at this document (as well as the WPA learning videos) - it been borrowed from London WPC  Link

Access the instructions in the document below - "How to WPA Training"



File Description
WPV Parents and Carers WP Handbook Parent and Carer Handbook, rukes etc.  A good source of knowledge on the game
WPVic Code of conduct Code of conduct for players and parents/carers
Mouthgaurd Policy NARCWP Mouthguard requirements and conditions
Sub-Junior Modified Rules Sep 2019 Good description of rules modifed for juniors



This page has a million things but if you scroll down there are some neat how to videos. >> LINK

Others below: