Time Clock

Clock Reset rules

Turnover – minor foul : For a team to retain possession of the ball without shooting at the opponent’s goal for more than: (i) 30 seconds of actual play, or (ii) 20 seconds in the case of an exclusion, corner throw or rebound to the attacking team after a shot, including after a penalty shot.

The timekeeper recording the possession time shall reset the clock:

(a) when the ball has left the hand of the player shooting at goal. If the ball rebounds into play from the goal post, crossbar, a player or the goalkeeper, the possession time shall not recommence until the ball comes into the possession of one of the teams.

The clock shall be:

  • reset to 20 seconds if the ball comes into possession of the attacking team.

  • reset to 30 seconds if it comes into possession of the defending team;

(this means that if the attacking team have a shot and regain possession its only 20sec shot clock)

(b) when the ball comes into the possession of the defending team, the clock shall be reset to 30 seconds.

(c) when the ball is put into play following the award of an exclusion foul to the defending player, the clock shall be reset to 20 seconds unless there are more than 20 seconds of possession time remaining, in which case the time shall continue and not be reset;

(d) when the ball is put into play following the taking of a penalty throw without a change of possession or, corner throw, the clock shall be reset to 20 seconds;

(e) when the ball is put into play following the award of a penalty throw with a change of possession, a goal throw or neutral throw, the clock shall be reset to 30 seconds.


If, in the last minute of the game, a penalty throw is awarded to a team, the coach may elect to maintain possession of the ball and be awarded a free throw. The timekeeper recording possession time shall reset the clock to 30 seconds, and the game will be restarted as after a timeout.


A standard control box.  Ours do vary a little bit with less buttons

The shot clock  is controlled by the small box.

  • It has the 20 and 30 sec reset buttons and the PAUSE and RUN switch for the shot clock.  
  • FLick RUN when a player gets the ball after commencement of a quarter  - see above for the rest of the rules
  • Pause when a foul is committed - whistle blast.  Some refs say do this and some dont.  As the main clock runs all game it helps stop time wasting

 Main control box:  Nealry all the same some with less buttons - MHS has no Quarters as the box will work them out automatically

  • TIME RESET:  Hold down and it will set it to 9 minutes to set up for the quarter ( both timers must be on pause)
    •  TIME ADJUST: push 3 times to reset time down to 6 minutes (U14) quarter
  • TIME PAUSE:  Flick to RUN when the ball is dropped in the water to commence a Quarter.  Dont touch as we run continuously.  Only in a final for the last minute is it paused for stoppages in finals.
  • Last 20 secs the main clock takes over so shot clock has no impact
  • On our boxes the  quarter periods synch with the start and stop of the Timer - they dont have a quarter button or exclusion button