Details of various tournaments where the club may compete

AYC 2025 (U12 - U18)

The main club event in Aus, 2024 had 210 teams including NZ and USA

Perth (April 14 - 24th, 2025)  Switches between Perth and Brisbane.  It may be Melbourne in 2027

aprox $3300 per team, 5 Days 2 games per day including finals and runs as two divisions (Gold and Green)

Loose  early estimates put the cost pp at around $2000-2500 for a team of 10, doing it in shared accomodation as a team.  If a hotel is used you can expect that to go up signifcantly depending on your choice.  As its Easter things may go up!

Experience shows that its best to get a full team together (10+) prior to attending, with a goalie.  There is a draft for those that dont have a team and it works well.  

Geelong Tri State (U12M - U16 with U18 2025)


  • Mid  Feb
  • 2025 may have Friday games to accomodate U18

Teams:  $850 plus ref costs

The cut-off years will be tbd respectively.  Note: there are no dispensations so some will need to play up

  • 12U mixed sides must consist of at least 3 girls and at least 3 boys
  • Players may only play in one team for the weekend
  • Players must play at least 1 game on the Saturday to qualify for finals on the Sunday
  • All teams are to provide an experienced referee for the weekend
  • Only 1 team per club per age group may be entered

Ballarat 2024  (U12 + U14)

tbd cancelled last year


  • October

Canberra Cup (U14 + U17)

Weekend after the Cup weekend in Nov  - Some games Friday night

Never been - logistical issues with travel for this and time in year

Teams:  $1350 plus ref costs